New Humble Mobile Bundle With Board Game Theme

If your an Android user a new Humble Mobile Bundle just launched giving you the rare opportunity to gain access to numerous great board game apps. As of this post you can get eight games for just $5 (which you can split between Humble Bundle, charity and the game developers. Here is the official break down:

  • Pay $1 or more for Carcassonne, and Scotland Yard.
  • Pay $3 or more and you’ll also get Splendor, Catan and THE aMAZEing Labyrinth.
  • Pay $5 or more for all of that plus Ticket To Ride, San Juan, and Galaxy Trucker.

If any additional games are added you need to be in the middle tier to qualify. As with the majority Humble Bundles, these board game apps are available DRM free, but you must download them directly. 

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